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"Non coerceri maximo, contineri minimo, divinum est" – Epitaph on the grave of S. Ignatius of Loyola

The Human Origin – Part 1

There are a few theories about the origin of human species here on Earth. Some say that we were born here and developed from aquatic creatures; others say that we … Continue reading

October 12, 2013 · Leave a comment

The slavery of studying.

To study is not only a nice activity, but can also turn in slavery. Throughout my life I’ve always found stupid studying for what is considered in school: I remember … Continue reading

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The world without gods – part 1

In this series of articles I’ll talk about Atheism. What is Atheism? Well, to begin with, atheism is the negation of any god, deity, or supernatural reality. This is the … Continue reading

June 6, 2013 · 1 Comment